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Expert applies Sika BlackSeal Elastic for below ground waterproofing of concrete basement wall
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Sika has over 100 years’ experience in innovative waterproofing solutions. Sika BlackSeal Elastic is our new liquid-applied, external basement waterproofing membrane. It’s New Zealand’s only BRANZ Appraised (No. 770 [2012]), 'paint-on', external basement waterproofing solution.

You simply apply Sika BlackSeal Elastic to the exterior of a concrete block wall that is going to be below ground and back filled. It’s easy to apply, free from solvents, fast to cure (touch dry in  1-2 hours, recoat in 4 hours), with great adhesion to masonry and concrete. And because it’s BRANZ appraised, AND a Sika product, you can trust it to do the job it’s meant to.

  • To see how easy it is to apply, watch our 'How to Apply' video.
  • LBPs & Certified Drainlayers – pass a short test and get your 'Applicator Certificate' (restricted to NZ registered Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP's) and Certified Drainlayers (CD's) only).
  • To see how important it is to use a BRANZ appraised waterproofing membrane, watch our 'Paper bag' video.
LBPs & Certified Drainlayers

Do the short e-learning course on the Sika Knowledge Centre. Watch the "How to Apply" video and pass a short test to get your exclusive certificate. Click on the arrow below to go to How to correctly apply Sika BlackSeal Elastic

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