Waterproofing systems for tunnel structures are faced with very stringent requirements regarding durability, exposure and stress conditions, demanding construction methods and sequences, ease of application and total cost management. In addition, sustainable system solutions are becoming more important in order to save natural resources such as energy and water, reduction of CO2, etc.

The selection of the appropriate waterproofing solution, the project specific design of the chosen waterproofing system and its safe application at site are the key elements to minimise the operation costs. A waterproofing system typically amounts to a fraction of the total constructions costs. The selection of a high quality waterproofing solution may easily save an amount of its initial investment or more on future maintenance and repair costs during the entire service life of the structure.


The Advantage of Sika Tunnel Waterproofing Systems

Visp Tunnel protected by Sika Tunnel Waterproofing Solutions

Sika has a complete and comprehensive range of solutions and designed systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of owners, architects, engineers and contractorson site, consisting of highly flexible membrane systems, liquid applied polymeric membranes, waterproofing concrete admixtures, joint waterproofing systems, waterproofing mortars and coatings as well as injection grouts.

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