Concrete plays a crucial role in the evolving urban landscapes of New Zealand. Sika NZ recognises the significance of this material and the need for its maintenance in our daily lives. Concrete structures are susceptible to deterioration caused by various factors such as corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, and seismic activity.

With over 100 years of experience on global projects, Sika has developed a comprehensive solution to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures. Sika NZ offers unparalleled customer advice and support, ensuring a seamless process from concept to successful completion on-site.

The challenges specific to the New Zealand environment, including coastal environments, seismic activity, and unique climate conditions, are considered by Sika NZ. Our tailored solutions address these factors, providing effective concrete restoration and rehabilitation. We are committed to preserving the integrity of concrete structures in New Zealand's urban landscapes, enabling us to enjoy our lives in a safe and sustainable manner.

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