Sika has comprehensive solutions for sealing and protecting your water tanks, reservoirs, processor tanks, waste water facilities, and swimming pools. Our expertise in developing high-quality sealant systems ensures that water is safely kept in, or out.   

Explore our Sealants for Tanks, Pools and Reservoirs

Drinking Water Tanks & Reservoirs

For drinking water tanks and reservoirs, Sika offer a range of products that are specially formulated to meet regulatory standards and provide long-lasting protection against leaks and contamination. Our sealants are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of water storage facilities and maintain the quality of your drinking water.

Waste Water Tanks

Our innovative solutions provide a reliable barrier against corrosive chemicals and ensure the proper containment of waste materials. With our high-performance sealants, you can be confident in the safety and durability of your waste water systems.

Swimming Pools

Our range of products ensures that your pool is watertight and free from leaks, ensuring maximum enjoyment and safety for swimmers. Our sealants are also resistant to chemicals used in swimming pools, ensuring a long-lasting finish and reducing the need for costly maintenance.

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