Food and beverage factories or food-related processing plants include a vast array of project types.

A dairy or beverage plant. A catering or industrial kitchen. A slaughterhouse or fish packing facility. A bakery. A fruit and vegetable processing plant. A snack production facility. Freezers, bottling lines, raw material processing, packaging and storage areas.

These are a few examples of businesses and areas that exist in the food processing industry. And each of them has its own specific requirements for flooring, walls, and other surfaces whether for new construction or renovation.

Of all elements in a food processing plant,
is arguably the most visible, most abused and one of the most vital contributors to the facility's success.
In the food and manufacturing industry, around
of major injuries caused by slips and falls happen due to water or foodstuffs that have not been cleared away.
Pathogens such as Salmonella, E.coli and Campylobacter result in
600 million
cases of foodborne diseases and around 500,000 deaths each year.¹

1Source: World Health Organization (WHO) estimate of global burden of foodborne diseases, 2015

Systems Plus Knowhow

Sika man and owner food beverage factory standing talking side by side with Sika yellow floor Sikafloor® PurCem®

A functional and purpose-built floor is key to a safe, hygienic production environment. Floors that are hygienic, non-slip, easy to clean and durable provide a secure, attractive place to work. Choosing and installing the right floor is critical to every work environment.

The floor must be hygienic, functional, tough and safe to walk on. 

Sika offers solutions for food and beverage production plants. Sika helps owners, designers and project managers select and install the right floors, walls, ceilings, and other finishes for all their food processing and distribution needs.

Building from the ground up or renovating an existing facility provides opportunities to secure a company’s future success. Just as choosing the right food processing equipment is crucial to that success, so is choosing the right flooring, finishes and details and installing it all properly.

Three Critical Factors in a Food Processing Factory

Industrial floor coating with Sikafloor resin cementitious flooring system in food facility
Industrial floor coating with Sikafloor resin cementitious flooring system in food facility
 The industrial floor cleaned in a wet area

1. Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Cleaning of floors in the food industry differs from site to site and from process to process. Regardless, the goal is the same - to maximize hygiene and minimize food infection risks.

Cleaning methods must always be adjusted to the environment and operations. For flooring, for instance, higher surface roughness requires more scrubbing and mechanical work. A rough floor needs to be flushed with higher amounts of water than a smooth one.

In principle, all food and beverage factories use similar detergents and chemicals. However, their use and cleaning procedures may differ between processes. In the same factory, there may be dry processing and wet processing areas with different kinds of contamination.​

Industrial floor coating with Sikafloor resin cementitious flooring system in food facility

2. Safe and Slip-Resistant

Employee safety is one of the most important requirements for any workplace. Slips and falls are among the most common injuries at work. Most occur because the floor is wet or contaminated.

Four main factors can cause a worker to slip and fall down. These include environment, organization, footwear and individual factors. When selecting the floor surface texture for required slip-resistance, the most important issues to consider are the degree of contamination, applied cleaning regime, slopes and the shoes or boots that personnel wear.

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Industrial floor coating with Sikafloor resin cementitious flooring system in food facility

3. Tough and Durable

A durable floor is one that lasts a long time and one that resists deterioration and loss of performance. Main exposure factors include thermal shocks, chemical stress and mechanical loads causing wear and impact. Durable floors begin with quality materials, good design and sound workmanship.

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 The industrial floor cleaned in a wet area

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