Waterproofing systems for below ground structures are faced with more stringent requirements regarding durability, exposure and stress conditions,construction method and sequence, ease of application and total cost management. In addition, sustainable system solutions are becoming more important in order to save natural resources, energy and water, plus reduction of CO2 etc. As the global leader in providing structural waterproofing solutions, Sika has the most complete and comprehensive range of products and systems that are designed and can be adapted to meet the specific needs and requirements of owners, architects, engineers and contractors on site.

Advantages of Sika Under Below Ground Waterproofing Solutions

Basements and below ground civil engineering structures protected with Sika waterproofing solutions have increased living comfort and wider possibilities for use, plus the total cost of ownership is reduced and increase the durability increased for the entire service life of the project. Our fully integrated and compatible system solutions are sustainably produced and well proven in practice for many decades all over the world, plus they are fully tested and certified to all leading national and international standards. This gives owners and their project specifiers and contractors the security of clearly defined performance characteristics for all of Sika’s waterproofing solutions to be used for their specific requirements.

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