Preparation & Priming - Key Success Factors for Joint Sealing

We all know that the success of any project is reliant on the quality of your preparation.  When it comes to a successful and durable sealant job - priming and preparation is key.  Preparation, if done properly, would probably eliminate 95% of sealing related issues.  All weak material on the bonding surface of porous substrates must be removed, and all surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dew or frost. Always refer to the instructions on the Sika product data sheet before starting your preparations.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality primers, adhesion promoters, application tools, and cleaning solutions that are designed to enhance the installation, adhesion and performance of sealants. Our joint sealant backing materials provide excellent support for sealants, ensuring proper depth and dimension, allowing the joint to move freely without compromising the seal. Browse through our collection and find the right products to meet your specific sealing needs.

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Joint Sealant Backing Materials

Why use a joint backing material like Sika PEF Rod?  If you have the depth in your joint to accomodate a PEF backing rod before installing your sealant, you are one step closer to a successful sealing job.

Key reasons for using PEF Backing Rod:

  • Control sealant depth
  • Prevent 3-sided adhesion
  • Round PEF Rod can give sealant an hour-glass shape for best performance

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