Waterproof concrete is an impermeable concrete used for long-lasting, durable watertight construction. To improve the impermeability of the concrete, water-resisting admixtures can be added. Nevertheless, design and construction of a watertight concrete structure is a system approach, and waterproof concrete is only one element of it. Water impermeability is determined by fulfilling requirements to limit water permeability through the concrete itself, the joints, installation parts and cracks.

Basement waterproofing with watertight concrete in Pods leisure center in Scunthorpe in UK
Image: Basement waterproofing with watertight concrete in Pods leisure center in Scunthorpe in UK

The impermeability of concrete can be improved by adding special components. Active components will form non-soluble materials throughout the pores and capillary structure of the concrete and effectively seal the concrete permanently against the penetration of water and other liquids. In addition there are other special ingredients which can enhance the self-healing properties of concrete and which can improve the concrete’s ability to heal cracks that form.


  • Time saved at design and construction stages as the need for complex detailing and installation is eliminated
  • Cost effective in comparison with other systems
  • Delivers maximum usable area to the occupier
  • Quality backed by a 50-year track record
  • Peace of mind for the owner, designer, contractor, and end of user of the building 

The Sika Watertight Concrete System offers a comprehensive solution for watertight structures. The system consists of concrete that has been specially modified with Sika admixtures to produce watertight concrete; and carefully selected waterstops for construction and movement joints. Watertight concrete structures can be designed to keep water in or out or both. The need to maximize design flexibility has led owner and designer to look below ground as an alternative, whether for basement parking or a habitable environment.