Structures are designed with expansion and contraction joints at appropriate places to allow inevitable movements. The design of the joint is important for the overall design to function correctly. Sika provides a huge range of elastic joint sealants to seal and protect joints in walls and ceilings. However, joints in floor substrates have to withstand a lot of different stress: direct traffic with heavy forklifts or cars, chemical attacks and mechanical abrasion, etc. Often a floor joint also has to be waterproof to protect the substrate from corrosion. Ordinary joint solutions with a joint sealant or with metal profiles aren’t resistant enough to withstand this stress and might fail after a short time.

Sika's floor joint range is designed to meet those demands under various exposures. Furthermore Sika® FloorJoint provides many unprecedented advantages. 

Floor joint in warehouse floor
Image: The ultimate floor joint solution that is noisless, vibration-free and durable - Sika FloorJoint

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