Two basic alternatives are available for outdoor swimming pools: in-ground pools and above-ground pools. In-ground pools are set into the ground, thus requiring ground excavation. Only solutions for inground pools are presented here.

Swimming pool waterproofed with Sika waterproofing solution

The main components of in-ground swimming pools are:

  • Structure: floor / foundation; walls
  • Waterproofing element
  • Decorative finishing
  • Equipment and accessories

The structure itself is usually not sufficiently watertight, and therefore a waterproofing element is needed. In case of a conventionally built structure, this waterproofing element consists of a cementitious coating. It serves at the same time as a substrate for the decorative finish which is made up of ceramictiles (or mosaic) or a decorative coating. Sheet membranes offer an alternative solution, combining the waterproofing and finishing function in a single element. “Membranes”, consisting of thicker and more robust sheets, are installed in the traditional way, by cutting and seam welding on site. By contrast, “liners”, consisting of thinner sheets, are completely prefabricated to the size of each pool and then installed simply by attaching them onto profiles on the pool edge. They can also be easily replaced at the end of their service life.


Swimming pools must be designed by specialistsin accordance with the state of the art, as well as standards and regulations in force.

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