Advantages of Sika's Primer Solutions

Sika applicator applying blue primer coat to floor tiles

Primers are used for pre-treating floors and are often applied prior to leveling materials or floor adhesives, to create a base and assure good bonding of upper floor layers. It is typically applied by trowel and roller, and the adequate method can be chosen depending on the subfloor quality. Sika provides Sikafloor® Primer products, which are suitable for a wide range of needs.

  • Fully bond to almost all substrates, like concrete, cement, gypsum screeds and old substrates
  • Act as moisture regulators - protect the substrate against moisture from leveling compounds or adhesives above
  • Serve as adhesion promoters
  • Available for floors and walls
  • Promote grip and binds residual dust
  • Easy to apply – can be diluted with water and sprayed