Sika provides a full range of roofing systems, incorporating flexible waterproofing sheet membranes or liquid applied membranes, thermal insulation, and various accessories. Throughout a more than 50-year history, Sika roofing solutions have shown most reliable, sustainable, and long-lasting proven performance. Demand in this segment is driven by the need of eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions, such as green roofs, warm roofs, and solar roofs. While refurbishment projects continue to gain significance in mature markets, emerging markets are moving towards higher-quality solutions.

Roofs are exposed every day to hazardous conditions and can be damaged and deteriorated over time. It is the most critical area of a building or structure which protects the users and interior from these hazards, and must be well-selected, well-designed and well-installed to be long-lasting without fail. Sika’s roofing systems are not only durable to wind, rain, snow, hail and other environmental conditions, but they also come with decades of Sika expertise and support.  

New Zealand Roofing Project References