Sika solutions include not only admixtures and additives, but also a range of concrete surface treatment and enhancing compounds.

Products like mould or form release agents, curing compounds and surface retarders complete the collection. Concrete auxiliary products are an essential part of Sika’s concrete solutions. Although they are not mixed into the concrete, they are required to play a vital part in the forming and finishing of the concrete.

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Curing Compounds

Protect and cure your fresh concrete with Sika Antisol curing compounds

Curing is the term used to describe the technique of preventing early water-loss out of concrete. Curing plays an extremely important role in the concrete's strength development, improving concrete properties and durability.

Sika® Antisol® products are ready-to-use, spray-applied curing compounds for the protection of concrete from water loss during the early curing period.

By using Sika® Antisol® technologies, you can:

  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Improve surface appearance (prevent cracking)
  • Gain higher concrete strength, especially on the surface
  • Lower water permeability
  • Improve freeze/thaw resistance
  • Increase abrasion resistance

Form Release Agents

Image: Formol form release agent allows easy and clean striping of concrete moulds - from pavers to panels!

The unique feature of concrete among all construction materials is its ability to take almost every shape and keep that shape with constant material properties for an extremely long time. The dimensions of that shape are given by the formwork into which the concrete is cast. One of the challenges within the concrete construction process is to prevent adhesion of the hardened concrete on the formwork, while ensuring it remains durable and easy to clean.

By applying the right mold release agent - Sika® Formol - it leads to smooth, dense concrete surfaces with improved durability and aesthetic appearance. It can be used in construction site cast-in-place concrete applications or precast concrete.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Rugasol C exposes the surface aggregate in fresh concrete
Image: Rugasol C retards the top surface of the fresh concrete so it can be washed away to expose the aggregate

Sika® Rugasol® products are formulated to retard or slow down cement hydration on concrete surfaces. This allows for easy removal of cement paste, thereby exposing the aggregate finish. Apart from architectural applications, these products are also used to roughen concrete surfaces for such purposes as casting new adjoining concrete, or even to create a non-slip surface for paths or pool surrounds.

Sika® Rugasol® technologies can be used in:

  • Artificial stone manufacturing
  • Structural concrete
  • Vertical and horizontal concreting joints
  • Precast concrete
  • Pedestrian pathways
  • Exposed aggregate concrete finish