A well-finished, long-lasting floor looks beautiful and feels smooth and even, not only because of the floor coat or finishes on top, but also the sub-floor preparation and layers underneath. A successfully designed and installed floor takes into account the existing substrate material and conditions, whether it is rough and unfinished, has some dips and waves, or slopes unevenly.

Trust Sika floor experts to help you choose a sub-floor preparation system – from priming agents to leveling compounds, screeds to skim coats – all perfectly compatible with Sika’s floor systems and other flooring materials on top.

Unsure which levelling product to use? Download the Sika Floor Levelling Selection Guide below!



Sika applicator applying blue primer coat to floor tiles

Primers - why use them?
Primers are used for pre-treating floors and are often applied prior to leveling materials or floor adhesives, to create a base and assure good bonding of upper floor layers. It is typically applied by trowel and roller, and the adequate method can be chosen depending on the subfloor quality. Sika provides Sikafloor® Primer products, which are suitable for a wide range of needs.


  • Fully bond to almost all substrates, like concrete, cement, gypsum screeds and old substrates
  • Act as moisture regulators - protect the substrate against moisture from leveling compounds or adhesives above
  • Serve as adhesion promoters
  • Available for floors and walls
  • Promote grip and binds residual dust
  • Easy to apply – can be diluted with water and sprayed


Sika applicator applying floor leveling from yellow bucket to shiny floor

Leveling Compounds
A perfectly even and smooth floor substrate surface plays an important role in the final result and lifespan of the floor, no matter what kind of floor covering will be installed over it. Sika supplies Sikafloor® Level self-leveling compounds whose outstanding performance has been proven in construction projects from low to high requirements, ranging from private homes to forklift truck loads in industrial areas.


  • Outstanding flow and leveling properties
  • Optimized shrinkage
  • Flat surfaces can be easily achieved, even in thin layers
  • Suitable for multi-purpose application
  • Quick over-coating is possible
  • Emissions and green building programs certified
  • Applicator safety with dust-reduced formulations


Application of SikaScreed HardTop flooring solution

Industrial building and other high mechanical load exposure areas often require rapid high-strength development, abrasion resistance, compressive strength, flexural strength, and a finish compatible with the industrial process. The families of Sikafloor® screeds provide customers with rapid return-to-service and finishing options for high quality, reliable industrial flooring that meets these requirements.


  • Outstanding application properties
  • Unsurpassed performance and system finish options
  • Minimal shrinkage during hardening and curing at variable thicknesses
  • Rapid hardening for immediate use (next day)
  • May be covered with all kinds of flooring materials after just 18 hours
  • High level of hardness, abrasion resistance and strength