Automated gluing of glass in windows is an invention of Sika and has proven itself numerous times to date.

Windows are a High-Tech Element

The architecture and function of a building is primarily determined by the design and the technology of the building envelope. Worldwide, the increasing requirements to energy efficiency and a reasonable use of natural resources influence the development of facades and windows.

Modern international market requirements for more transparency and more functionality request innovative and economically convincing solutions. Already 30 years ago, Sika has responded to the market needs with the development of structurally bonded windows. Check out the advantages of bonded windows and their production, from manual workshops to fully automated lines.

Sika offers tailored adhesives for structural window bonding, window assembly, installation and for window profile production for various types of windows. This full product range competence assures that the system is compatible. Sika with its competence in glass, windows and doors, is the ideal partner for planners and applicators of all kinds of buildings.

bonded pvc window
At least
10% LESS
production costs through automated glazing with Sika adhesives and sealants
More than
100 Mio
windows are produced every year with Sika adhesives and sealants inside

Windows Applications