NZ's first BRANZ Appraised complete basement to roof system specification

NZ's First BRANZ Appraised Basement to Roof System Solution

Sika offers a BRANZ Appraised specification system from below ground basement waterproofing to the waterproofing membrane on the roof. This unique system ensures the compatibility and continuity between the construction products and systems in a basement to roof specification.

It should also assure authorities that your specification will meet their regulations. Less risk, less stress, more speed, more certainty.

Would you like a bespoke Specification?

We know project specification inside out. We can supply a no obligation, confidential specification proposal for any new commercial project on your desk. This Specification Proposal will give you a concise summary of any risk areas and include a bespoke, fully compatible system specification in line with our Sika Basement to Roof BRANZ Appraisal. And it’s free.  

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Specification Help Request

We're here to make your specification life easier - contact any of the specification experts below, or fill in this contact form and we'll get in touch with you.

Peter Stevens

National Specification Manager

Grant Reid

Technical Specifications Manager - Lower North Island

Mike Bourne

Specifications Manager - Upper North Island

Jeff Hawker

Technical Specifications/South Island Sales Manager - Construction

Yousif Ayar

Specifications Manager - Upper North Island

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