Need a Seismic Rated Chemical Anchoring Adhesive?

Which seismic rated anchoring adhesive you use depends on the building type, its importance class, and your region. Use the map below to get an idea on which Sika AnchorFix anchoring adhesives you can use, and read on for more detailed information.

Seismic C2 tested icon

Only a C2 rated anchoring adhesive can be used in all other areas outside Auckland and Northland - where a seismic rated chemical anchoring is required.

Seismic Rated Chemical Anchoring Regulations in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most seismically active countries in the world, located on the Pacific Ring of Fire. This means that New Zealand is prone to earthquakes resulting in significant peak ground acceleration (PGA), in parts over 1.0g. These large magnitude earthquakes resulted in significant devastation of buildings and infrastructure. 

As a result of the devasting Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, very stringent building codes across New Zealand have been implement in an order to mitigate earthquake damage. It is compulsory to use only seismically-tested and approved construction anchors in New Zealand, especially in concrete connections and structural components.

The NZS 3101 Concrete Structures Standard under Amendment 3 August 2017, Clause 17.5.5 states that "Post-installed mechanical anchors and post-installed adhesive anchors shall pass the prequalification testing stipulated in ETAG 001, Annex E and be designed in accordance with EOTA TR045.”

The ETAG/TR045 require Category C1 or C2 seismic tested anchoring depending on the seismicity of the region and the importance class of the building.

Below is a table that outlines the various building types and their related importance class. Use this table, in conjunction with the regional map above to identify which anchoring solution best fits your build in the particular region you are in.


Importance Class & Level Table

NZ Seismic Importance Class Table
NZ Minimum recommended performance categories for anchors under seismic actions