Sika is the expert in all sprayed concrete technologies, including both wet and dry spray processes. This allows us to provide the optimum solution for each type of project and application, including the development of our own Aliva sprayed concrete machines. When combined with our research, development and globalized production of specialized sprayed concrete admixtures, such as Sika® Sigunit® and Sika® ViscoCrete®, plus our years of experience in tunneling, mining and all types of major construction projects, this makes Sika the ideal partner for owners, designers and contractors on any type of sprayed concrete works.

Sprayed Concrete Has Many Advantages

Sika Aliva machine spraying concrete shotcrete
  • Application to any elevations because sprayed concrete adheres immediately and bears its own weight
  • Can be applied on uneven substrates
  • Good adhesion to the substrate
  • Totally flexible configuration of the layer thickness on site
  • Concreting without formwork
  • Reinforced sprayed concrete is also possible (mesh/fiber reinforcement)
  • Rapid load-bearing skin can be achieved without forms or long waiting times

Requirements for Sprayed Concrete

Shotcrete with Sigunit accelerator to strengthen underground structures of mine

The multiple demands placed on sprayed concrete today no longer allow standard solutions. Dependent on the spray process and the type of structure, different conditions are imposed on the sprayed concrete during application and in service.In tunnel construction sprayed concrete is normally used for excavation stabilization, in open-pit mining and on major construction sites it is typically used for rock and soil stabilization on slopes. In bridge and other civil engineering repair and refurbishment works, sprayed concrete is often used specifically because formwork can thereby be dispensed with.

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