1-part low odour polyurethane liquid applied base coat for the SikaRoof® i-Cure system

Sikalastic®-631 is a 1-part, low odour, cold-applied, elastic, polyurethane base coat. It incorporates Sika's unique i-Cure technology and is part of the SikaRoof® i-Cure systems.

  • The quick overcoating time provides early resistance to rain damage
  • The low odour characteristics makes it suitable for odour sensitive projects
  • A maintenance coat is easily applied when needed without the requirement to remove previous coats
  • 1-Part ready to use
  • Cold applied – requires no heat or flame
  • High solid content
  • Can be reinforced with Sika® Reemat Premium
  • Resistant to many common environmental influences
  • Easily detailed around complex geometries
  • Applied by roller
Sikalastic®-631 Sikalastic®-631