Solutions for new build and refurbishment of car park structures

Parking has become a vital part of today's mobile community, especially in metropolitan areas including airports, which are growing at a faster rate. This means continually providing more parking spaces by building new car parks and more frequently extending and refurbishing existing ones. Successful parking structures are designed to meet users' demands, which usually include feeling safe and welcome, plus knowing that their cars are in a secure environment.

Systems plus know-how

Sika solutions make a positive contribution to car parking garages' overall building performance while also reducing construction and operating costs. With longstanding experience in providing solutions for new build or renovation car parking garage project needs, Sika products and systems fulfill a wide range of applications, including:

Coating for ground bearing slabs, intermediate decks
Coating for top decks and exposed areas
Coating for ramps and entrance areas
Flooring for interior areas, walkways and staircases
Floor joint and detailing solutions
Fire protection and joint sealing
Waterproofing for underground structures
Concrete repair and refurbishment