Auckland, New Zealand

The Mt Albert Reservoir is a huge 31,500m3 water reservoir buried on the southern side of Mt Albert, a volcanic peak in Auckland City. The reservoir’s concrete roof was cracking and had roots growing through it into the drinking water tank. The roof was fully buried under the ground. This meant all grass and earth had to be removed to expose the roof. Until this was done we could not have an exact idea about the condition of the substrate.

Project Requirements

The requirement was for a sheet membrane system that would be resistant to plant root growth and to prevent both dirty water and any future plant growth from penetrating the membrane

The replacement of the earth once completed could not be allowed to puncture or damage the membrane. The membrane needed to be terminated and made water tight past the construction joint between the roof and the walls


The replacement of the earth fill both from the point of view of potential damage and the need to get trucks on to the finished membrane to apply the new fill.

Project Participants

Main Contractor
Watercarre Services Ltd

Specialist Contractor
Hydroproof Limited

Project Size

6,000 m2