Hamilton, New Zealand

Kiwi Property had been having ongoing issues with the integrity and weather tightness of the car park deck finishes at Centreplace North.Previous systems failed to meet the demands of: Full weather exposure to the north face, high traffic flow and bridging to cracks and joints.

Ongoing repairs and maintenance were proving demanding. A long-term solution was essential to protect both the structure and the retail spaces below.

Project Requirements

Once the existing swimming and spa pool linings had been removed, it was found that extensive concrete repairs and waterproofing measures would be needed.

Repairs had to be of sufficient strength and suitability to meet the critical demands of the waterproofing application. Following these repairs, a new waterproofing layer was to be applied to the inside of the pools and surrounding podium prior to plaster and tile finishes.


  • Centreplace is one of Hamilton’s busiest shopping destinations.
  • The proposed system needed to be installed quickly to allow for high demand parking spaces to again be utilised.
  • The site location was open to all weathers.
  • Rail lines run through a tunnel directly under the building and train movement can be felt throughout the structure.
  • Many cracks were reflecting through the existing system and previous joint solutions had failed.
  • Access for equipment and product delivery required early morning road closures. (One key advantage of our Car Park Deck System is that it does not add significant weight to the structure and no heavy plant or equipment is required for the installation.)
  • The system needed to be highly durable to accommodate the significant traffic flow and high mechanical stresses.

Sika Products

Sikafloor®-350 N
Sika Aggregates
Sikadur® Combiflex-SG System
Sikaflex® Tank N

Project Participants

Specialist Contractor
NZ Specialised Coatings Limited