Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ)

Concrete dustproofer and surface hardener

  • Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) is an economical, easy to use surface hardener and dustproofer for concrete floors. It is a liquid based on ‘activated’ sodium silicate which reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide in the concrete to bind up and tighten the top surface, producing a hard, dust free finish.
  • Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) can also be used to assist with curing of newly laid concrete surfaces. The microcrystalline sealing action of Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) binds up the surface pores. This reduces the evaporation of moisture from the concrete and thus helps to assist in better hydration of the cement

  • Very quick and easy to apply
  • Can be used on both new and old concrete
  • Chemically reacts with concrete to become an integral part of the surface matrix.
  • Sika® Purigo-5 S (NZ) is the economical answer to the problem of surface dusting.
  • Will not prevent overcoating when used to assist with curing of concrete
  • Ideal for use as an aid to improve curing when traditional curing methods and membranes are impractical
  • Helps concrete attain maximum hydration, strength, durability and surface hardness.