Sika® Rugasol® C Extra


Sika® Rugasol® C Extra has been specifically designed and formulated for obtaining a clean exposed aggregate surface at the face of construction joints where concrete with strengths in excess of 20 MPa are used. [For concrete strengths less than 20 MPa, use Sika® Rugasol C® (NZ).] Sika® Rugasol® C Extra is an economical and easy to apply product for use on the horizontal face of freshly poured construction joints. The result is a clean and uniform depth of aggregate exposure.  The retarding compound in Sika® Rugasol® C Extra combines with concrete at the surface to delay the normal hydration of cement for a depth of approximately 3 ‐ 6mm.

  • Sika® Rugasol® C Extra is very economical and simple to apply
  • Using Sika® Rugasol® C Extra to obtain a mechanical key eliminates the costly expense of bush hammering, scabbling or sandblasting
  • Aggregate exposed with Sika® Rugasol® C Extra remains unbroken and firmly embedded in the concrete, ensuring that a strong and tenacious bond is achieved at the construction joint between existing and new concrete
  • If accidentally applied to steel reinforcement it will not affect the long term bond of concrete to the steel