New SikaMembran®-820 Allround

Countless construction projects have been successfully carried out over the decades with SikaMembran® EPDM System. With the new generation, Sika takes the next leap. Sika introduces the next generation of waterproofing and vapor control facade membranes. The new EPDM hybrid membrane is an exceptional 0.3mm thick.

Nevertheless, the mechanical values such as tensile strength and tear propagation resistance are four times and twice as high respectively as those of the equivalent EPDM 0.6 mm thick SikaMembran®. But what is just as  important is the fact that the next generation of SikaMembran® has about half the ecological footprint of the first generation.

Icon Super Thin
Icon Ultra Strong
Icon Sustainable

SUPER THIN - Half the thickness and therefore smooth processing even in difficult details

ULTRA-STRONG - Double the tear propagation resistance

MORE SUSTAINABLE- With half the carbon footprint

Sikaflex®-525 – The New System Adhesive

Introducing Sikaflex®-525 is the new system adhesive for safe attachment of the SikaMembran® to the building elements. The processing of the adhesive seamlessly follows what customers are used to with SikaBond® TF Plus N as the system adhesive for the first generation SikaMembran®.

The new Sikaflex®-525 joins the next generation Sika membrane, thereby strengthing the case for increased sustainablity.

Managing innovation and sustainability together, minimizing the risks, maximizing the opportunities, and creating positive business impact: this is the purpose of the Sika Sustainability–Portfolio–Management.