Marble, Granite & Natural Stone Tiling

SikaScreed® Binder

Pre-mixed product for screeds

Sika® Primer-11 W+

Sika® Primer-11 W+ is a synthetic resin primer applied before using tile adhesives and/or self- levelling compounds on indoor floors or walls to primarily reduce substrate absorbency and improve adhesion.

Sikafloor®-01 Primer

Universal dispersion primer for use with cementitious levelling compounds or tile adhesives

Sika® Primer-21 W

Sika® Primer-21 W is a primer based on epoxy resins, fillers and specific additives in water dispersion used as a base coat or adhesive bridge on several types of substrates.

Sikafloor® Level-15

Cementitious self levelling, fast drying, fibre reinforced underlayment for use 0.5 – 15mm thick

SikaCeram®-255 StarFlex

Highly flexible powder adhesive for fixing of medium-large sized ceramic tiles, C2TE classified according to EN 12004 and S1 classified according to EN 12002

SikaCeram®-240 Rapid

Quick-setting, one-pack, powder adhesive to lay ceramic tiles, C2FT classified according to EN 12004

SikaCeram® CleanGrout

Cement based grouting for joints from 1 to 8 mm width, CG2 classified according to EN 13888

Sikasil® General Purpose

Sikasil® General Purpose is a one-component neutral curing silicone sealant suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It is used as a joint sealant between a variety of substrates.

Sika® Primer-3 N

Sika® Primer-3 N is a solvent-based, 1-component primer.