Porcelain Tiling

Sika® Primer-11 W+

Sika® Primer-11 W+ is a synthetic resin primer applied before using tile adhesives and/or self- levelling compounds on indoor floors or walls to primarily reduce substrate absorbency and improve adhesion.

Sikafloor®-01 Primer

Universal dispersion primer for use with cementitious levelling compounds or tile adhesives

SikaScreed® Binder

Pre-mixed product for screeds


SikaScreed®-1 is a pre-mixed product for quick drying shrinkage-free indoor and outdoor screeds.

Sikafloor® Level-15

Sikafloor® Level-15 is a one part, polymer modified, pumpable self levelling fast hardening cementitous underlayment for the levelling and smoothing of interior floors prior to the application of the final floor finish.

SikaCeram®-205 Large

Powder adhesive for fixing of medium-large sized ceramic tiles, C2TE classified according to EN 12004

SikaCeram®-240 Rapid

SikaCeram®-240 Rapid is a grey polymer modified, cementitious, fast setting, frost resistant floor and wall tile adhesive with reduced slip. For small, medium ceramic tiles in residential and commercial wet and dry environments. Suitable for bonding all types of ceramic to all types of absorbent / non – absorbent construction material substrates. Layer thickness <10,0 mm. Indoor and outdoor use. EN 12004: Classification - C2 FT. Product can also be used for spot-fixing indoor insulating panels.

SikaCeram®-290 StarLight

SikaCeram®-290 StarLight is a multi-flow, deformable, high-coverage (up to 80 % extra coverage compared to normal tile adhesive), low dust, one-pack tile adhesive with lightweight fillers. It contains recycled raw materials which reduces carbon footprint.

It can be used in layers up to 15 mm thick and is suitable for tiling grès porcelain and natural stone on facade, heating floors, swimming pools and industrial floorings. EN 12004 class C2 TE S1.

SikaCeram® CleanGrout

SikaCeram® CleanGrout is a cementitious setting, floor /wall tile grout powder for use in joints from 1–8 mm in width. Additives contained in the powder provide protection against mould, bacterial and fungal growth while maintaining a colour stable, abrasion resistant, water repellent durable finish. For indoor and outdoor use.

SikaCeram® LatexGrout

SikaCeram® LatexGrout is a synthetic latex emulsion additive which replaces the mixing water of powdered cementitious grouts. When mixed with the grout powder it increases adhesion, surface hardness, flexibility, mechanical strengths, and reduces absorption. Suitable grouts for mixing are SikaCeram® SmallGrout, SikaCeram® LargeGrout, SikaCeram® CleanGrout.

Sikasil® Color

Sikasil® Color is an acetic-crosslinking silicone sealant that is solvent-free and resistant to mildew.