Swimming Pool Tiling

Sika MonoTop®-723 N

Sika MonoTop®-723 N is a polymer modified surfacing/finishing mortar, ready to mix, meeting the requirement of class R3 of EN 1504-3.


BRANZ Appraised rapid curing cement mortar for flexible waterproofing and concrete protection (meets the requirements of EN 1504-2)

SikaCeram®-255 StarFlex

Highly flexible powder adhesive for fixing of medium-large sized ceramic tiles, C2TE classified according to EN 12004 and S1 classified according to EN 12002

SikaCeram®-290 StarLight

SikaCeram®-290 StarLight is a multi-flow, deformable, high-coverage (up to 80 % extra coverage compared to normal tile adhesive), low dust, one-pack tile adhesive with lightweight fillers. It contains recycled raw materials which reduces carbon footprint.

It can be used in layers up to 15 mm thick and is suitable for tiling grès porcelain and natural stone on facade, heating floors, swimming pools and industrial floorings. EN 12004 class C2 TE S1.

SikaCeram® CleanGrout

Cement based grouting for joints from 1 to 8 mm width, CG2 classified according to EN 13888

SikaCeram® LatexGrout

Synthetic rubber latex for cementitious grouting compounds

SikaCeram® EpoxyGrout

Anti-acid epoxy grout with glossy colours and delicate finishing designed for joints from 2-20mm in width.

SikaCeram® Epoxy Remover

SikaCeram® Epoxy Remover is a water-based product used to remove epoxy grouting residuals.

Sikasil® Pool

Sikasil® Pool is a one component, neutral curing silicone sealant for use in swimming pools and permanently wet areas.

Sikadur Combiflex® SG-10 P

(Only to be installed by a Sika Approved Contractor) High performance joint sealing system comprising a very flexible TPO tape anchored either side of the joint with epoxy adhesive