Index Torch on Warm Roof System


Solvent bourne bituminous primer. (Sika NZ Approved Contractor Only)

Tectene BV Strip EP/V

Tectene BV Strip EP/V is an APP modified bituminous vapor control layer, torch applied to the substrate, and flexible at -15 °C. The upper side is spread with strips of a special elastomeric heat adhesive compound, activated with the torch during application to ensure the bonding of the thermal insulation panels even at temperatures close to zero. It can be applied on concrete substrates and over existing bitumen roofing membranes. Thickness: 3 mm. (Sika NZ Approved Contractor Only)

Autotene Base EP Polyester

Autotene Base EP Polyester is a thermally self-adhesive bituminous roof membrane, which is bonded to the thermal insulation by the indirect heat generated from the torch bonding of the top layer. It is reinforced with a non-woven polyester stabilized with fiberglass. The underside has a removable liner for an easy application. Top surface finish: sand. Thickness: 3 mm. (Sika NZ Approved Contractor Only)

Mineral Proteaduo Triarmato

Mineral Proteaduo Triarmato is a multi-layer composite polymer-bitumen, torch-applied roof  waterproofing membrane. The upper layer is APP modified, which provides good heat resistance, the under layer is SBS modified, increasing the elongation and cold flexibility properties. It is reinforced with a dimensionally stable composite inlay of a fibreglass matt compressed between two layers of non-woven spunbond polyester fabric. The underside of the membrane has a thin polyethylene burn-off film for easy application. Top surface finish: mineral granules. Thickness: ~4.0 mm. (Sika NZ Approved Contractor Only)