With over 45 years experience and more than 25 million square metres of sports flooring installed worldwide, Pulastic is the market leader in sports flooring systems.

There is a huge range of Pulastic sports floor options available. Your sports floor can be exactly matched to your specific requirements, giving you the floor that is ideal for you – safe, comfortable, durable, and with the sports performance you require.

The performance of a multifunctional sports facility has to satisfy a number of criteria. In particular, the floor properties must be consistent and the ball behaviour must be related to the game (e.g. the correct bounce of a basketball, the correct rolling behaviour of a football). A Pulastic liquid-applied polyurethane-based sports floor can be selected to match your exact needs.

For more information on Pulastic Sports floor systems contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 745 269 or info@nz.sika.com.