...and it's all possible with Sika Precast Concrete Technology


The Precast concrete industry is driven by quality, with significant value being placed on productivity and factory efficiency.

Sika ViscoCrete technology is now challenging the world of precast concrete,
providing the possibility of optimised production.

  • Excellent self compacting properties
  • Easy and simplified placing
  • Reduced water cement ratio
  • Improved early age strengths

Sika ViscoCrete technology substantially improves the basic properties of concrete. The positive impact is substantial and clearly visible, particularly in outstanding workability, high early strengths, easy finishing and fine surface finishes.

Sika ViscoCrete reduces water contents, improves rheology characteristics and cement hydration efficiency.

SikaRapid improves early strength development and/or modified setting characteristics.

Sika Stabilizer improves the internal cohesion properties of fresh concrete.

Formol concrete release agent provides the possibility to produce fair-faced concrete surfaces for fulfilling aesthetical requirements.

Find product solutions for Wet Precast applications
Wet Precast

Product solutions for the production of wet precast elements

Find product solutions for Semi Dry Precast applications
Semi Dry Precast

Product solutions for the production of semi dry precast elements


Sika Concrete Experts

Sika’s strong position in the market is based on an excellent basket of construction and industry products, strong customer service and excellent technical support.  At the heart of that technical support is our team of experieced sales reps working at 'the coal face' - Sika’s technical experts.

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