Sika FerroGard-903+
Sika FerroGard-903+

Increase the service life of reinforced concrete structures by up to 100%! View the Sika FerroGard-903+ brochure here.

Sika FerroGard-903+ Reinforced Concrete Corrosion Protection

Save Seven Days "Wait Time" on your next Project!

Sika Ferrogard-903 has long been a trusted name in improving the durability of reinforced concrete.

New Sika Ferrogard-903+ requires considerably less concrete cleaning after application and before overcoating with a protective coating. This reduces the total installation time by seven days and reduces the labour hours required too, ensuring significant improvements to the project programme and cost.


  • Improving concrete durability by delaying and slowing steel reinforcement corrosion 
  • Reducing the maintenance costs of reinforced concrete

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Can increase service and maintenance life cycles by up to 15 years
  • Does not change the appearance of the concrete structure 
  • Easily and cost effectively applied by knapsack sprayer, brush or roller
  • No drilling required - minimal disruption to the concrete, environment or building occupants
  • Does not alter the water vapour diffusion capability 
  • Can be applied to the surface of existing repairs and surrounding areas to prevent the development of incipient anodes
  • Can be applied where other repair/prevention options are not viable
  • New Ferrogard-903+ decreases “cleaning time” between application and overcoating by seven days!