SikaRoof® MTC roofing membrane for old or new roofs

SikaRoof MTC - The liquid-applied membrane that gives seamless, long-lasting waterproof protection.

  • Can be used directly over most common roof membranes - Ideal as a repair over failing torch-on, acrylic & polyurethane liquids, EPDM, TPO, asphalt, bitumen, concrete or metal roofs.
  • Fast installation, minimal disruption - Minimal disruption for the building’s tenants.  And no risk of water damage happening as a consequence of having to remove the existing failed membrane.
  • BRANZ appraised - SikaRoof MTC is the only liquid-applied membrane in New Zealand to have been independently appraised by BRANZ (BRANZ Appraisal No. 670 [2010]).
  • NZ and globally proven - Has been used for over 20 years to fix leaky roof problems on profile projects around the world.
  • No fire risk - Unlike bitumen based roofing systems, SikaRoof MTC is a ‘zero flame’ system. It is not inflammable.
  • Seamless cover for complex roofs - Because it is a liquid when first applied, SikaRoof MTC is ideal when there are a lot of roof details to work around (air con units, vents, aerials etc).
  • Very cost competitive - Because it can be applied directly over the top of the existing roof, there are often no costs associated with having to remove the existing failed membrane. And because it is such a durable solution, long term maintenance costs can be significantly less.
  • Green roof and warm roof compatible - No CO2 release when installed and ideal for use with Warm Roof or Garden Roof systems.
  • High elasticity - Allows for greater thermal movement during extreme summer or winter weather conditions.

For a SikaRoof® MTC expert contact Jon Grimley on 021 347 333 or email