BRANZ Appraised Membrane Roofing Systems

The first Sika Sarnafil membrane roof was installed over 50 years ago (and it is still in use today). It is one of the most durable membrane roofing systems there is with a minimum 20 years life expectancy for exposed applications.

Sarnafil G was the first Green Roof System in New Zealand to be BRANZ Appraised. Sika has been a pioneer in green roof systems for nearly 40 years. Sarnafil Green Roof Systems help curb air pollution, decrease energy costs, reduce storm runoff, and turn balconies and roof tops into lush sky gardens.

SikaRoof MTC is NZ’s only BRANZ Appraised liquid applied roofing membrane. The liquid application means it can be easily applied to even the most complex detail areas, and it cures to provide completely seamless waterproof protection.

Download Sarnafil Roofing BRANZ Appraisal
Sarnafil® G · Roof & Deck Membrane System

BRANZ Appraisal No. 619 [2008]

Download Sarnafil BRANZ Appraisal
Sarnafil® Green Roof Waterproofing System

BRANZ Appraisal No. 902 [2016]

Download SikaRoof MTC BRANZ Appraisal
SikaRoof® MTC Roof Membrane System

BRANZ Appraisal No. 670 [2010]