NZ's only BRANZ appraised liquid-applied waterproofing membrane!

Sika has over 100 years’ experience in innovative waterproofing solutions. Sika BlackSeal Elastic is our new liquid-applied, external basement waterproofing membrane. It’s New Zealand’s only BRANZ Appraised (No. 770 [2012]), 'paint-on', external basement waterproofing solution.

You simply apply Sika BlackSeal Elastic to the exterior of a concrete block wall that is going to be below ground and back filled.

It’s easy to apply, free from solvents, fast to cure (touch dry in 1-2 hours, recoat in 4 hours), with great adhesion to masonry and concrete. And because it’s BRANZ appraised, AND a Sika product, you can trust it to do the job it’s meant to.

  1. To see how easy it is to apply, watch our 'How to Apply' video.
  2. LBPs & Certified Drainlayers – pass a short test and get your 'Applicator Certificate' (restricted to NZ registered Licenced Building Practitioners (LBP's) and Certified Drainlayers (CD's) only).
  3. To see how important it is to use a BRANZ appraised waterproofing membrane, watch our 'Paper bag' video.
LBPs & Certified Drainlayers - get your exclusive BlackSeal Elastic Certificate here!
LBPs & Certified Drainlayers

LBPs and Certified Drainlayers can watch the "How to Apply" video and pass a short test to get their exclusive certificate. Click on the arrow below to go to

Step by Step instructions how to apply Sika BlackSeal Elastic
not an lbp but still want to learn how?

Great! Anyone can watch the video to learn how to correctly apply Sika BlackSeal Elastic. 

Use the arrow here to view the step by step video on YouTube!

Click here for your Sika BlackSeal Elastic Manual
The "How to Apply" Manual

Step-by-step instructions to ensure your installation of Sika BlackSeal Elastic is 100% correct!


A handy booklet containing a variety of CAD drawings/details.  Individual CAD details are available for download through the Document Download facility of this website.