Sika Plant, Alcobendas, Spain


This project aimed to reduce energy consumption as well as to improve work conditions in the PCE polymer production in Spain. For cooling purposes during the production process of Viscocrete PCEs polymer in the reactor, there were two chillers and the yield there was not the optimum. The installation of a cooling tower allows a better performance in the facility with less energy consumption.

Project goal

Improve cooling of the reactor in the polymer production, to increase output, reduce energy consumption and improve work conditions.


Replace chillers with cooling tower.


  • Estimated energy savings of 200’000 KWh/year
  • Estimated CO2 savings of 58 tons/year
  • Estimated economic savings of  40’000 € / year
  • Estimated total energy consumption saving in the factory thanks only to this project of  7%
  • Estimated payback period 18 months