Sika Turkey, all production facilities


Savings on compressor energy consumption

Project goal

This project focuses on savings of compressor energy consumption by decreasing the air leaks. Expected savings are at least 7-9% of decrease in compressor energy consumption.


  • Special teams at each production facility are trained about air leaks in the production process.
  • If air leaks occur, Sika employees will take action to prevent them. By doing this, Sika Turkey aims to reduce electricity consumption when using compressors.


  • Sika Turkey trained workers about air leaks at each equipment.
  • If any air leakage is observed, it is immediately fixed by a trained worker
  • Compressors used to run continuously for 60 seconds. After the project start, the target is to have compressors to work for 40 seconds and to stop 20 seconds. Stop of 20 seconds will be the saving.
  • Now compressors are working during 33 seconds and stop working for 27 seconds. Even less energy is consumed as planned.