Hebei Jiuqiang Building Materials Co., LTD. Hebei JiuQiang Factory, China


Optimize product mix to reduce energy and water.

Project goal

At least 5% reduction of energy and water consumption per ton produced (Sika Group target)


  • Product mix upgrade due to market pull and sales push from Naphthalene (SNS) to PCE
  • Increase liquid raw materials volumes instead of powder for PCE production to reduce water consumption
  • Collection and reuse of all boiler and rain water to reduce fresh water consumption


Significant savings compared to first three quarters in 2013 could be achieved in all areas:

  • Coal reduction: 1600 tons (= 3220 ton CO2)
  • Energy reduction per ton produced: 42%
  • Water reduction per ton produced: 23%
  • Waste reduction per ton produced: 40%