Reducing Water Consumption

TARGET: 3% less water consumption per ton per year

This includes water consumed by all Sika operating companies andunits, both industrial and non industrial sites, whether from public utilities or from ground or surface water sources. In 2017, this target was not achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: In 2017 Sika used approximately 1.4 million cubic meters of water (2016: 1.3 million cubic meters).The water consumption per ton sold was around 0.32 cubic meters (2016: 0.32 cubic meters). From 2016 to 2017 there was no change in the water consumption. However overall, the water consumption was significantly reduced by 52% (target 12%) from 2013 to 2017 from 0.67 m3/t to 0.32 m3/t, which is an average of 13% per year.

Reducing Waste

TARGET: 3% less waste per ton/year.

This includes all waste material sent to external contractors for disposal – except formaterials returned to suppliers – and covers all Sika operating companies and units, including industrial and non industrial sites. In 2017, this target was not achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: With an increased production volume, the company
generated some 80,000 tons of waste (previous year: 74,000 tons). This corresponds to 18.4 kilograms of waste per ton sold (2016: 17.8 kilograms per ton sold) or an increase of 3.4%. This significant increase is mainly due to newly enforced regulations in Pennsylvania, USA, in regard to the discharge of sewage water. This has an impact of more than 8% of the total generated waste. As a consequence Sika is in the process of designing its own, local waste water treatment station in order to reduce the main amount of waste and to recycle regenerated water for its production processes.