All new product developments are reviewed against sustainability criteria

TARGET 1: All new product developments are reviewed against sustainability criteria using a standardized methodology, including a documented sustainability profile and an appropriate improvement plan where necessary.

This target was achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: A uniform sustainability appraisal process (including guidelines and work aids) was established throughout the company that addresses the relevant sustainability indicators and forms part of the official Sika product development process.

The objective of the sustainability appraisal process isto assess all relevant sustainability aspects of a new development over its entire life cycle, compared with the company’s own or competitors’ solutions. Economic, environmental and social aspects are assessed and serve as the basis for deciding what measures are needed to improve the sustainability profile of a development. In 2017 , the sustainability appraisal processwas used to assess 108 new local and global product developments. Of these, 12% were identified as relevant and haveundergoneor are undergoing closer scrutiny as they offer an improvement over the existing product and are therefore of particular importance for the company’s sustainability.

In 2017, a new one-component moisture-triggered polyurethane roof waterproofing base coat (Sikalastic®-631) was developed as part of the Sika® Cool Roof i-Cure / SikaRoof® i-Cure system. The product is based on a novel latent hardener that prevents gassing in the finished film, which can often be seen in conventional polyurethanes when applied in harsh environments. The new technology allows the final product to be formulated with reduced VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), odor, and most importantly emissions to the environment. The Sika® CoolRoof i-Cure / SikaRoof® i-Cure system fulfills LEED v4 requirements and is a high-end cool roof solution to help reduce the operational energy consumption of buildings.

Another example is Sarnafil® G-410, a self-adhered thermoplastic roofing membrane which was successfully launched inNorth America. The membrane design includes a pre-applied adhesive, which is covered with a release liner at the factory, providing more consistent coverage versus adhesive applied onsite and double the speed and ease of application on the roof. By eliminating the use of liquid membrane adhesives, VOCs andadhesive odors were eliminated from potentially harming applicators and entering the building. The membrane is ideal for any project, but especially for those buildings that are sensitive to adhesive odors and fumes, such as schools, healthcare facilities and office buildings.

Sustainability action plan for national subsidiaries

TARGET 2: The major Sika national subsidiaries prepare a sustainability action plan and implement all key projects planned in this context. The plan is aligned with local trends and with market requirements and encompasses the key projects and topics that are geared to the global initiative.

This target was achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: All of the bigger countries in the key regions North America, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Central Europe,and Eastern Europe further developed product sustainability road maps in 2017. A priority was to extend the scope of the road map activities into the Asia/Pacific and Latin America region. In this regard, the newly created regional Sustainability Academy programsplayed an important role in involving further national subsidiaries and increasing the future number of projects and activities.