Sika has the goal of ensuring every employee leaves the workplace healthy.

TARGET: 5% fewer accidents per year.

This refers to the number of work-related accidents leading to injuries and covers all Sika employees, including temporary and subcontracted staff, at the company’s operating companies and units, and both industrial and nonindustrial sites. Construction projects are not factored in. In 2017, this target was achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: The number of occupational accidents leading to lost work time of more than one day showed a year-on year decrease of 8.4%. In the 2017, 8.7 occupational accidents per 1,000 employees were recorded (2016: 9.5). In 2017, injuries again caused absences of an average of around 22 days (2016: 22). This figure was strongly influenced by longer absences due to injuries to the system caused by accidents while walking.

Sika will continue to make constant improvements to safety in 2018, placing greater emphasis on employee participation. In the US, the comprehensive safety concept, which was launched in 2015 under the name “Sika Safe”, led again to a significant reduction in accident numbers in 2017 resulting in approximately 70% less accidents per 1,000 employees over the past two years.