Sika aims to build trust and create value – with customers, local communities, and society as a whole.

TARGET: 5% more social projects per year.

Social projects benefit all non-commercial stakeholder groups of local companies and their neighborhoods. They encompass monetary benefits or material donations, local projects and community engagement programs, dialog with stakeholder groups, communal consultation procedures, social activities and programs, training, environmental projects, or recovery programs.

In 2017, this target was achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: Sika sponsored 118 projects during the year under review (previous year: 90 projects). This equates to a year on-year increase of 31%. The projects can be classed under the headings “social” (including donations), “ecological,” “scientific,” and “sports and cultural.”

The main goals, among others, are to support communities in infrastructure development for social projects, to promote training in construction professions and trades, and to provide emergency aid to disaster-stricken regions. Sika also seeks to promote on-the-ground self-help. The local Sika companies thus put forward specific aid applications and, working with loca lpartners, supervise the projects from site up to completion. Sika endeavors to provide intelligent support for projects through the application of company-specific expertise, voluntary work by its employees, and long-term collaboration with partners.

Support of children and young people:
Projects sponsored by Sika include initiatives like the continued support of the non-profit organization Operation Smile in Vietnam and Thailand. Sika has supported the activities of Operation Smile in Vietnam since 2010, and in Thailand since 2014. Thanks to the assistance of committed volunteers, the organization has, since 1989, arranged operations for some 220,000 children and youths with cleft lips and palates or similar facial disfigurements. Likewise, in 2017 Sika continued the support of children’s homes throughout the world, for example in Lurín, Peru, Brasov, Romania, Madh Island, India and in Querètaro, Mexico.

Education and schooling: Another focus was to support schools.In China, Sika supports the Library Project, a nationwide initiative to sponsor libraries in public schools. Sika donated 18,450 books to establish libraries at 20 schools. Overall Sika has established 61 school libraries since 2015, benefiting 53,159 children. Sika was also involved in work to renovate21 school libraries in the mountainous regions of the Chongqing and Sichuan provinces in the south and less developed areas of the country.

In 2017, Sika also continued its support of a new school for girls and young women in Madagascar. The school prepares the young women for careers in education and is located in Tulear, a city of 150,000 inhabitants over 900 kilometers southwest of Antananarivo. Sika Cambodia intensified its cooperation with “Smiling Gecko”, an NGO which runs several construction projects in the country. The projects are headed by architect and Professor Dirk E. Hebel of ETH Zurich and supported by the Center for Development and Cooperation (CDC) of the Berner Fachhochschule. With the support of Sika, Smiling Gecko was able to open a carpentry, which provides nine additional jobs and training places for young Cambodians. Furthermore, five bungalows and a restaurant have been completed in the “farmhouse project”.

Improving lives of people with a disability: In 2017, Sika increased its engagement for improving the lives ofpeople with physical or intellectual disabilities. The team from Sika Spain, for example, is helping to improve the recreation areas of the “Carmen Pardo Valcarce” Foundation, a pioneer in defending the fundamental rights of people with intellectual disabilities. At Sika’s facility in Gournay-en-Bray, France, a partnership with the local governmental initiative “ESAT” (‘Centred’Aide par le Travail’) supports the professional reinsertion of disabled people.

Volunteering: Sika aims to vigorously support volunteering work in relation to social activities and personal development. In 2017, Sika teams in Switzerland provided a group of refugees with an enjoyable and productive day out and brought help and assistance to mentally impaired working individuals. Volunteering work was carried out by Sika teams in all regions: volunteers from Sika USA, Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), and the local AEC community joined forces with “RebuildingTogether San Francisco” to take part in the “Give-Back Day.” The goal was to help provide maintenance and refurbishment to the popular community garden at Adam Rogers Park in San Francisco’s Hunter’s Point neighborhood. In Chile, students, teachers, and Sika staff worked together to improve the access to the pre-elementary school area, including the playground, the bicycle parking, and the trees.