Energy Reduction Target

3% less energy consumption per ton and year

TARGET: 3% less energy consumption per ton and year. This includes the total energy produced and consumed by all Sika operating companies and units, both industrial and non industrial sites. In 2017, this target was not achieved.

IMPLEMENTATION: In 2017 Sika consumed 1,961 terajoules of energy (2016: 1,779 terajoules). Approximately 55% ofSika’s energy requirements were met by electrical power fromthe local grid. The remaining demand was mainly covered by natural gas and liquid fuels. Energy consumption per ton sold added up to 450 megajoules (2016: 428 megajoules).This increase is mainly due to acquisitions of factories with very energy-intensive production processes (resulting in plus 2.5% oftotal energy consumption in comparison to last year, adjusted for acquisitions). It is part of the integration process to review and analyze the impact performance, such as energy consumption, of newly acquired sites. This will consequently initiate local improvement projects to align with Sika expectations and targets. However these improvements not only need time but also investments on shop floor level.

Overall energy consumption reduced by 17% (target 12%) from 2013 to 2017 from 541 MJ/t to 450 MJ/t which is an average of 4.25% per year.