Why is sustainability an important topic?

There is a clear responsibility and need to conduct business in a way that takes the society into a higher consideration. The economic, social, environmental conditions that we are facing today, not only in Greece, are challenging for a different view of life and for a balanced leadership.

Companies investing in sustainability are in fact creating a real and longer term value for its stakeholders. Stakeholders are feeling proud and satisfied to be in a business relationship with the company respecting the society where their children will live in. This is about improving the company's efficiency in a broader meaning and support us to face upheavals at present and into the future.

How are you supporting sustainability activities?

Sustainability cannot be a concept of fashion, it is an attitude that is reflected into our daily business, into our way of thinking and even in our operational procedures. Leading by example can instill a culture of sustainability in our company. Evidently our employees feel free to suggest ideas as to how to increase our sustainability and social responsibility. Through their ideas and consequent ownership of this campaign we believe that we can achieve even better results from all aspects.

How is the campaign contributing to your success?

Sustainability is gradually becoming a style of business management and operation, and consequently is becoming part of our way of thinking. The campaign "More Value-Less Impact" provides our organization with a long-term vision, while setting measurable goals and incorporating them in our management procedures and targets. It also lays the ground for our commitment to become even more apparent to all .

We have targets and we are setting the route , grounded on top of our culture to better reach them. And we proof that we are caring for our environment and for our people.

What are the main achievements?

Through the implementation of the "More Value - Less Impact" campaign we aim to foster a culture of innovation and creativity that is helping us to avoid increased costs and impacts for resources or waste management.

We manage with responsibility. We stay ahead of new environmental laws or decrees , while strengthening our reputation, increasing loyalty and improving stakeholder relations.

We retain our employees and increase our productivity, as well as discovering new revenue opportunities, as to increase our market share and reduce exposure to future uncertainties and risk.