Why is sustainability an important topic?

I see sustainability as an important value for all our employee and customers and therefore I would like to transfer and sensitise our employees starting from their private lives' basic concept of sustainability in order that this will be transfer more strongly and effective on our daily business. This is also and important concept in order to differentiate ourselves.

How are you supporting sustainability activities?

I'm supporting and engaging our team to implement the Sika sustainability strategy in our organization and activities (website, brochures, training's to sales force, introduction of sustainability concept in our company profile and convention activity with designers, architect and engineers).

What are the benefits for your organization?

We are putting emphasis to a clear and sound communication in our organization. I'm sure that on medium to long term the implementation of the "More Value - Less Impact" campaign will pay-off.

Can you give three recommendations?

  • Dedicated resources for implementation.
  • Strong emphasis on communication within the internal organization (training. explanation of concept and benefit)
  • Differentiate our brand and our organisation in the market