Why is sustainability an important topic?

With sustainability becoming a key topic locally as it has been worldwide for some time now it becomes our responsibility to make a difference in the economic, environmental and social elements. Global sustainability standards are starting to be recognized more frequently in South Africa creating an opportunity to become a leader not only in sustainable construction solutions but also to society.

Sustainability allows Sika South Africa to gain a competitive advantage with factual information, improved innovations and efficient processes that differentiates us in the market allowing for long term success of the business.

How are you supporting sustainability activities?

In Sika South Africa (SA) we have selected a team that assists with implementing sustainability strategy and functions locally, where they ensure that the entire Sika SA team is aware of this topic and has the necessary knowledge to use it as a competitive advantage in their value added sales approach.

We are continuously looking for new systems and procedures for our factory and logistics to reduce energy, waste and water. We have also implemented sustainability in to our local business plans across the board so that every employee has a clear goal and strategy going forward.

How is the campaign contributing to your success?

This campaign is a great tool that highlights factual points on how Sika creates ‘more value – less impact’ for the organization and in the market. It assists with bringing all the employees together to achieve the same defined strategy and goals.

The whole campaign is very effective to communicate one clear message across all mediums – magazines, website, online banners, brochures and presentations which create the awareness and showcases Sika’s complete product solutions.

What are the benefits for your organization?

With international sustainable standards, Sika’s products are more frequently specified on a wider basis allowing Sika to be top of mind and seen as a global leader in sustainability. This is a great advantage to our organization as it creates further awareness locally of what sustainable solutions we can offer.

Our roofing, concrete and i-Cure technology solutions have been very successful in South Africa and we have just recently launched the Comfort Floors products to add to our sustainable product solutions.

Can you give three recommendations?

  • Ensure that sustainability is a key topic in the organization and that everyone is striving to achieve the same goal.
  • Sika representatives to be trained correctly to use sustainability as a tool to differentiate Sika in the markets.
  • A sustainability team to implement the campaign successfully to make Sika seen as a leader.