Why is sustainability an important topic?

It shows Sika’s long term commitment to contribute to better environmental conditions and helps to differentiate ourselves in the markets.

How are you supporting sustainability activities?

Sustainability is a key topic across our company. It starts in R&D where we release more environmental friendly products such as the new low VOC Sikalastic-641, more energy efficient processes in operations and using sustainability arguments to sell our products. Especially in relation to building labels such as BREEAM which become more and more important in our Key Project Management activities.

How is the campaign contributing to your success?

It helps to position ourselves in all Target Markets and to communicate Sika’s full range and total systems approach.

What are the main benefits?

At the moment we use the sustainability arguments to support our business in Comfort Floor, Roofing Solutions and Concrete Concepts. We will continue to use them in other Target Markets as well, e.g. focusing on the total Building Envelope.

Can you give three recommendations?

  • Make sustainability a central topic within your organization.
  • Use sustainability to position Sika positively in the market.
  • Make sure that you use sustainability as a sales argument to differentiate in the markets.