Why is sustainability an important topic for you?

To be very honest it all starts with increasing requests from specifiers, but also from other customers about what Sika US is doing regarding sustainability. In the US certain customers do only work with suppliers that fulfill certain sustainability criteria. Here I want Sika to be amongst the first companies in our industry to get a leading position and not to follow others when it is too late.

The best sustainability projects of course are the ones with which you can also save costs; for example: "Tuff N'Nuff" is a 24 Mio $ product for Sika US; it is actually a protection mat for pipelines against rock and stones when put into the soil. Here we will newly use some foam technology that helps using less raw material and consequently increases our margin. That is a win/win situation for sustainability, but also for our budget.

How are you supporting sustainability activities?

I have appointed Sika US's former R&D Manager as a project responsible for sustainability. That person can rely on a team and on my support. You need somebody to push the projects within the target market organisations. This person can't be the target market managers themselves as they are too busy managing their P&L. For each GRI target we have defined specific projects, each with a project leader.

How are you using the campaign?

We use this campaign currently in several construction magazines, on the Internet and in presentations to customers; it is highly appreciated and very attractive!

What are the benefits for your organisation?

Most of the probably 25 sub projects are on track and we will define new ones for the next year. Many of these projects helps us saving costs but also create value for our customers. Again win/win is the secret to success and the only way sustainability right now works in the US. Projects only for ideology reasons do not find enough support!

Can you give three recommendations?

  • Define a responsible manager who coordinates all activities ,
  • define clear projects (less is more) and
  • make sustainability a topic in meetings and presentations.

You always have to provide a win/win situation. That is what it needs for being successful!