More Value, Less Impact

  • Economic Performance

    Economic Performance

    "One of Sika’s objectives is the accelerated build-up of the organization in emerging markets. Sika focuses on what African countries and customers expect: a local manufacturing presence with local raw materials and local technical support and training."
    Jean Des Martres, AREA Manager Africa

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  • Sustainable Solutions

    Sustainable Solutions

    "Long-lasting products with a good environmental profile deliver a substantial contribution to sustainable buildings. Confirmation of the sustainability performance of products through Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) is an added value for our customers."
    Wolfgang Ackerl, Senior Sales Manager Sika Austria

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  • Local Communities and Society

    Local Communities and Society

    Sika continues to seek ways to support our local community whenever possible. Here we see the children of Rosebank Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand, proudly showing off our $1000 donation towards new books for their library.

    Local Community work at Sika
  • Energy


    "The future of our business will not only be about the quality and the price of our products alone but also about the environmental conditions in which our products are manufactured."
    Christoph Ganz, REGIONAL MANAGER NORTH AMERICA, Member of Group Management

    Less impact: energy consumption
  • Water and Waste

    Water and Waste

    "Sustainability is a key element to drive innovation in our company. The overall objective is to increase the value for our customers and the markets, while reducing the impacts on the environment and communities."
    Angel Gonzalez Lucas, General Manager Sika Spain

    Less impact: water and waste
  • Occupational safety

    Occupational safety

    "The application of quality and safety practices has expanded from its manufacturing roots to the whole value chain."

    Wansheng Du (left), Head Regional Quality & EHS Asia Pacific

    Occupational Safety