Compenation and Benefits approach

Sika companies and their employees comply with global and local labour and social
standards. This means that staff is remunerated according to prevailing international and national regulations and laws. Regulations on minimum wages are binding.

Besides international and national standards, company, team and individual performance determines compensation level. Compensation is reviewed yearly and is determined based on the scope and responsibility of the role, the external market value of the role and the skills, experience and performance of the individual in the role. Progress and performance of employees are continuously monitored and are reflected by the market compensation practice in each country.

The remuneration strategy is developed and determined on corporate level by Corporate HR and on country level by the regional and local HR in close collaboration with the Group and local management. The best practice Compensation and Benefits strategies are implemented in order to ensure efficient and effective management of rewards and to attract, motivate and retain highly qualified and engaged employees.